(The) Not Extraordinary Story


If you wanna working on painting, you need to get a good sketching.

And sketching practice helps you improve not just your sketching skills, but almost about any form and medium of visual art :)




rough lines


I don’t like the lines and strokes


poor sketch 😦

The basic unit of a sketch can be said to be lines.

Those curvy or straight lines. Those faint or crisp lines.

If you can draw them the way you want, confidently, then your sketch will turn out well.

Hence, to do good sketches, practice on your line strokes, until you are sure that you can draw any line, the way you want.



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Persian baked the first biscuits during the 7th century BCE.

The modern biscuit is a French invention.

The name of biscuit comes from Latin bis cotum means baked twice :) .

In the U.S, a cookies is sweeter than a biscuit and has more sugar than a biscuit.

What we called cookies in the U.S are called biscuits in U.K and other commonwealth countries like Malaysia :)


Cookies called koekje which represents the small pieces of dough

Cookies and biscuits can be discerned by their size, texture and the way you eat them.

I think cookies is flatter than a biscuit :)  and it accompanied by ice cream, a glass of milk or chocolate dessert.

You can use a spoon of strawberry jam, or squeeze maple syrup in your biscuit :) .

Well, there are many new ways of eating a biscuit or cookies which can be a real fun! :)


Malay = BISKUT,  Turkish = BİSKÜVİ

P/S: Thank you my prince charming for this yummylicious gift from Turkey :)

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flower gift

The glow of one warm thought is to me worth more than money

P/S: Thank you for this little gift, Abang Mat :)

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I used to think that blogging was for people with too much time on their hands.  But now, I don’t :) .

In a real sense, blogging is good for your life.

Most people know the basic benefits of blogging:

  • you can make more connections,
  • you can make an exploration of the world,
  • you can become part of a community,
  • you can learn something new.

But for me, blogging is an online record of your life. You are post thing that you are thinking about and that interest you.

This is the place you express your thoughts and feelings, you share you ideas and knowledge with others.

The most important thing is to be honest and write about what matters.

If other people find your blog and enjoy reading about your life, that’s fine.

If it’s just a journal or diary to keep a record of your thoughts for your future reference, that’s fine too.

This blog is a photo oriented blog that focuses on me in general and food :) .

This is also a place where I express myself to my handsome man or to those who might stop by to read what I post :) .

I will say what I really feel and what I really think and leave it at that.  Enough for the intro. Now on to the meat of today’s entry.

When I thought about what I wanted to name my blog, the name gemuk came to me instantly. It’s an easy name to remember and related to a person I love so much.

The word Gemuk come from Malay language means fat. Gemuk carry a sense of cute name that I find appealing :)

Some girls love to call their boyfriend with cute nicknames like snuggleable, cuddles, cuddly bear or honey bear but I like to call my man Gemuk.

But he is not fat. LOL.

This is a cute pet name to tell him that I love to be close to him all the time.

And it’s also a pet name for one homeless cat I’ve adopted.

The cat is a  fat cat.

Well, maybe this picture will help you to understand why I call my blog what I do.


My gemook

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