(The) Not Extraordinary Story


on March 28, 2012

Persian baked the first biscuits during the 7th century BCE.

The modern biscuit is a French invention.

The name of biscuit comes from Latin bis cotum means baked twice :) .

In the U.S, a cookies is sweeter than a biscuit and has more sugar than a biscuit.

What we called cookies in the U.S are called biscuits in U.K and other commonwealth countries like Malaysia :)


Cookies called koekje which represents the small pieces of dough

Cookies and biscuits can be discerned by their size, texture and the way you eat them.

I think cookies is flatter than a biscuit :)  and it accompanied by ice cream, a glass of milk or chocolate dessert.

You can use a spoon of strawberry jam, or squeeze maple syrup in your biscuit :) .

Well, there are many new ways of eating a biscuit or cookies which can be a real fun! :)


Malay = BISKUT,  Turkish = BİSKÜVİ

P/S: Thank you my prince charming for this yummylicious gift from Turkey :)


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