(The) Not Extraordinary Story


on July 2, 2012

Since a few days ago, I was craving for Iskander doner.

But I know I couldn’t find it here 😦

So, I decided to prepare a homemade Twister for my break-fasting meal.

I found the frozen potato wraps, some slices of chicken bologna and chicken nuggets in my fridge.

I chopped some cabbages and baby tomatoes.

Deep fried a slice chicken bologna and 3 pieces of chicken nuggets (cut into  small pieces).

Heat the wraps in the microwave and put the vegetables on it, add some pepper, thousand islands and chili sauce, a slice of deep-fried chicken bologna and tiny deep-fried chicken nuggets.

Then, I rolled up the wraps as tightly as I can. It was so tasty like KFC Twister.

Homemade twister

Next time, I no need to drive-thru for KFC Twister. I can made it by myself. 


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