(The) Not Extraordinary Story


on July 4, 2012

3 days ago, I joined a farewell dinner with other colleagues in Grand Riverview Hotel.

It was a farewell dinner for our Deputy Registrar.

She gave a half an hour speech. It was a brief and “full of moments” message from her.


The invitation card


After finished our Malay dinner.


29 years for USM

She said ” It’s not easy for me to leave this job but I had to do it for my beloved husband. I worked for 29 years and now it’s a perfect time for me to leave. Some of my staffs asked me to wait for a few months to get retired so I can get new salary, but I can’t wait. I don’t mind about it. My current salary is extra enough for me. My husband needs me more than anyone else. My job needed me to work 24 hours. I had to leave my husband many times in 29 years because of my duty.  I thank to him for his understanding and sacrifice. Thank you so much”.

She was the person who interviewed me for the position I have now.  I got two interviews with her.

One for Librarian position and another was Administration Officer.

I remember she asked me about my brooch I wore with my Kebaya dress.

She said “I noticed you like to wear brown dress and animal brooch. Do u like the animal brooch instead of flower brooch?”.

That was a trick question to trap me :D Luckily I got the job :)

Thank you Mrs. JB for chose me among other candidates.

May Allah bless you and your family. And thank you for your 29 years excellent service with us :)


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