(The) Not Extraordinary Story


on November 22, 2012

First of all, I am a beginner, so we should know there’s a bigger room for improvement. I’m still learning and hopefully everyone could support and your comments are most welcome!

Second, before I proceed with more stories or mishaps or whatever things going on around me…

I would like to tell you a few things about me..

1. I am a right-brain person. Sorry, I hate anything related with numbers. Art, philosophy and history are my passion.

2. I have problem to stop my legs from moving/shaking. Don’t worry, it is not a disease. It’s just a bad habit of mine. If they actually stop, I must have been sleeping 🙂

3. When my mood gets very bad the only thing can make me calm down are cats! Gemuk is my adorable fat cat 🙂

4. I love everything white. It’s shows I am a clean and simple 🙂

5. I lost my sketching, drawing and painting skills since 7 years ago. I hope I can spend about 20 minutes on paper everyday 🙂

6. I am learning Turkish at the moment from the comfort of my own home which isn’t in a Turkish-speaking country. I wish by the mid next year, I can speak Turkish well 🙂

7. I do use Skype! everyday better than my cellphone. It’s free and high quality for me to talk with my fiance.

8. I don’t hate durian, budu, cencaluk, tempoyak, petai, jering but the smell of them are just too overwhelming and make me dizzy. I never taste any of them in my life except for durian. I used to eat durian when I was a kid but I stopped eating it when I was 14 years old.

9. I can’t stand with dirty and messy people. No! I am not a very cleanaholic. I even can eat street food or use  public restroom. But, I love to see my own space clean and shiny, neat and tidy, organised and systematic, fluff and dust free.

10. Lastly, everyone should know this: I respect all people. So, don’t step on my tail or you’ll see my horns grow. hehe 😀

P/S: I know my english sounds awkward. I’m not an English native speaker and hardly get A’s in school but I try my best to improve myself. Let just see this blog as me practice my English 🙂


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