(The) Not Extraordinary Story


on December 9, 2012

On this date last month, I got engaged to my 3 years and a half long distance boyfriend.

Yes, you read it right. Long distance boyfriend 🙂 But, I’m not going to tell you about

  • How I met my long distance love.
  • or How to survive a long distance relationship.

I’d like to talk about has anyone’s relationship changed after getting engaged?

I know that mine had. I wouldn’t say that mine have much. But, maybe in some ways things are more like reality and an adult-like 🙂

We are just growing up and getting used to the idea of taking care of each other for the rest of our lives.

We are very much in love and things are still amazing, it just seems more real, I guess because now it is official that we are going to be married soon! 🙂

And I am also a lot more relaxed with him now that we are official although I am stressing out about future planning!

It’s just a lot more exciting to know that you will have a partner for the rest of your life and you wont be alone!

Sick in love! 🙂

Our Engagement RIngs

Made in Poh Kong 🙂

My Engagement

My only love


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