(The) Not Extraordinary Story


1. Who Am I?

I am far being considered a Malaysian Next Top Model 🙂

I don’t have an amazing flat stomach like celebrities because I have more fat than I should 🙂

I have scars because I have a history 🙂

I am not Facebook.

But, some people like me, some dislike me 🙂

I am who I am 🙂

2. Why on earth that I decided to blog again? 

Simple! I finally see the world differently. Writing is the best way to talk without being interrupted. 🙂

3. Why I chose my blog name – Gemookmanja?

These two words are close to my heart.

Manja (means spoilt, pampered, over protected), given by my fiance because I love to act like a kid 🙂

Because my cat is fat, I called her Gemook.

Gemook comes from Gemuk (Malay word means fat).

But, both of them are now belong to me 🙂

I hope ABOUT ME helps you to get know a little about the person behind this blog.




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