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One guy in Turkey, one girl in Malaysia. They knew each other on Interpals site on 2009.

They became friend and talked everyday on net.

Until one day, they realized they love each other more than a friend.


The guy planned to visit the girl for the first time in his life after 3 years in a long distance love.

He bought a flight ticket and came to Malaysia for the girl.

The first meeting was the bitter-sweet moment for the guy.

The girl arrived late at the airport and made the guy waited for her about 2 hours.

The guy was upset and mad with the girl.

When the guy saw the girl for the first time, his mood turned to be happy.

And for the first time in their life, they can touched each other.

They hug each other and everyone in the arrival level watched them.

But they didn’t care as they felt like the time paused.

It was just like a movie.


One morning, the guy taught the girl how to swim in the beach.

They swam to the little deep.

Suddenly, he stepped on baby stingray’s barb which was buried in the sand.

He knew he couldn’t let the girl drown in the water.

He hold the girl even he felt so much pain.

It was the bitter moment but the sweet memory for them.


They cried before they leaved each other.

The guy back to Turkey. The girl was so sad. She cried all night long.

Goodbye was the hardest word for them.


The girl went to Turkey to meet the guy after their first meeting in Malaysia.

It was a long journey, more than 15 hours from Malaysia to Adana.

But the hours was not a big matter.


The guy took the girl to his workplace and introduced her to his boss and staffs.

The next day, he made another surprise. He brought the girl back to his hometown to meet his parent.

The girl felt like a princess.

That was the “serious thing” he did for her.


The girl said ” Seni seviyorum” to they guy.

The guy replied ” Ben seni seviyorum”


No real relationship without fighting and sulking.


The guy wished the pillow was her.

The girl missed him so much so she hug Winnie the Pooh the guy gave to her.


They made a plan to be together.

But, the plan is not easy like they thought.

They have to face many obstacles just to be together in real world.

But, they will survive for the sake of love.

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I am the survivor of a long distance relationship.

My boyfriend and I have been 3 years all long distance.

It’s really hard, but having a strong foundation of trust is super important.

I don’t think I would have survived without it.

But, if two people are committed to making the relationship work and pour their hearts into it, a long distance relationship can thrive and be totally worth the heartache :)

Here some tips and advice on how to survive a long distance relationship.

1) Communication

Since everything is now almost possible through clicks, you can’t blame distance for lack of communication anymore.

All you have to do is to find time for your regular virtual date.

An Internet is God send for people who are in long distance relationships :) .

Not only can you communicate via email and instant messaging for free, but you can also talk to each other through free services like Skype! And that means no more hundreds cash a month phone bills!

Since our first day, my boyfriend and I have communicated everyday in some form (email, Skype, Facebook, etc).

No lies! almost everyday with talking. The loneliness is hard :)


Surviving long distance relationship via Skype!

It’s pretty tough to handle, but thanks to all the advancements in technology. It has become easier to handle :)

2) Spend time together

Even though your partner may live hours or miles away, you can still experience “date nights” with him/her.

Skype will be your best friend. And don’t be afraid to get a little freaky on it ;)

Is there any movies you both like? Plan to watch  at the same time (coordinate your time zones) .

It’s fun doing the same thing at the same time. Even though you’re apart, you’re still sharing a moment “together”.

Sometimes, we watched movie or video together online :)

There’s no reason to miss out on some of the better parts of dating completely just because you’re not physically together.

His song my favorite

My favorite his ringtone

3) Stay connected in each other’s life

Share the important details with your lover.

Your partner would love to be a part of the world you are in.

It’s important to care about what’s going on in your loved one’s life when you’re not there and get to know your partner’s family and friend.

And find something your partner is passionate about that you can get involved with.


His friends


  I learn much more about his likes, dislikes, and passions

4) Love gift

Sending packages to each other keeps you thinking about what the other person might like and helps them feel cared for and appreciated.

Come on, do I really have to tell you how much people love to be surprised by a package in the mail? :) Another great surprise: a handwritten letter. Even better—a surprise visit!

My boyfriend gave me his sweatshirt to remind me of him. I thought it was really neat because smelling his smell made it feel like he was that much closer :) The smell of him helps me fall asleep, it’s like a teddy bear for me :)


Simply great thing 

5) Trust each other

The one thing that destroys long distance love affairs more than any other is a lack of trust.

It requires very strong trust, commitment, guidelines, and communication.

Geographical limitations should not destroy the bond between you and your partner.

You might feel like giving up but as long as you hold on to your love, everything’s going to be alright.


When other people tell you that you’re going to break apart, just flash a smile. 


Remember that the greater the sacrifice, the more fulfilling the feeling is after overcoming all the obstacles

Why online relationships are not weird? The answer is everybody’s doing it.

I have known people who met on Facebook, MySpace, blogs, forums and many other places.

I can’t be the only person who does this, can I? :)

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